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A Matter of Honesty


Stephanie Morris' A Matter of Honesty is a heartwarming story from beginning to end. Lauren and Steve are both believable characters that have suffered from the actions of others. I enjoyed that neither had had a perfect life and each has had loss that has helped to shape them. The secondary characters are also quite endearing. The passion and love between Steve and Lauren is unmistakable. Ms. Morris has created another unforgettable tale.



A Matter of Honesty by Stephanie Morris is an enjoyable novel about a woman who has nothing who meets a man who has everything.  The characters are well developed and feel very realistic.  I liked how several scenarios are presented in the beginning of the novel and then each scenario unfolds throughout the fairly long novel.  For example, Lauryn has lost touch with her family but is fortunate to reunite with them.  Lauryn and Steve are an interracial couple who never makes their difference a problem in their relationship; there are too many other more serious issues, such as trust, to address.  This novel made my recommended list because the chemistry between Lauryn and Steven felt natural and believable and the story is also well thought out with a great ending.

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Not only is there chemistry between Lauryn and Steve, but also between Steve’s daughter and Lauryn. Effortlessly, the three of them morphed into a comfortable family life that made me jealous. I was touched by the way Steve’s family accepted Lauryn with open arms and how they brought her out of her shell. They didn’t make snap judgments because Lauryn was down on her luck and they saw the genuine person she was. Considering the circumstances that brought Lauryn into Steve’s life, I wouldn’t have blamed them if they had jumped to the wrong conclusions. Steve had his reasons for not sharing every little detail with Lauryn, so I couldn’t be upset at him. He made up for his mistake in ways that left me breathless. A Matter Of Honesty is an impressive, happily ever after story that reminded me of the simple pleasures of life and love. Readers will not want to miss out on this one.

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